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Additional Services

Lot Clearing/Grading


Great Escapes provides necessary machines and operators to remove items such as trees, stumps, and roots, clear overgrown areas, and haul away all debris.  After clearing, Great Escapes will grade the property and bring in or haul out all necessary dirt/topsoil to complete the project.  Great Escapes will apply seed and straw/straw mat where necessary or install sod per a client’s request.  Reasons for clearing may be many years of overgrowth, installation of hardscaping or a swimming pool, new construction, or sod/plant installation.




Great Escapes provides solutions to standing water, water close to foundations, and areas of intense runoff causing soil loss.  A few options that Great Escapes can install are French drains, dry well systems, buried downspouts, dry creek beds, and rain gardens.


Outdoor Lighting


Great Escapes provides lighting to accent your home, trees, gardens, and outdoor living areas.  Outdoor lighting increases a property’s usable space during the evening and nighttime hours and enhances property security.  Great Escapes installs only LED bulbs and fixtures, thereby ensuring longevity for lighting with lower energy use.