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At Great Escapes, we work together with clients to achieve their goals for their dream outdoor space and living area.  We consider all aspects of the project including planting, hardscaping such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, final grading, sod/seed, irrigation, and outdoor lighting and/or sound so that we can provide the best possible outcomes for clients.


With our hardscaping expertise, we are skilled in proper planning, selection, and use of different materials as each material has its own advantages and limitations and yields a different result.  This allows us to suggest the most suitable materials to meet clients’ needs.


We understand the importance of placing the right plant in the right spot on your property and will always take into account its growth and mature size.  We will help you think ahead to the future of your living space and ensure that plants will not only thrive in their environment, but will also be aesthetically pleasing.


Our lighting will be designed to accent your home, trees, gardens, and outdoor living spaces.  Our design will create the optimal amount of lighting throughout your property, thereby providing additional security and offering nightlife opportunities in the outdoor living space.




During installation, Great Escapes will work hand in hand with clients to schedule the work and ensure expectations are set for the operation of the job.  Once on site, we will operate professionally from start to finish and will always work with clients to address any necessary or requested change orders arising during construction before moving forward.  We believe that open communication with clients is key to maintaining valued customer service and delivering the best final product possible.