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Clients’ properties are maintained over a 7-day rotation, weather permitting.  We mow properties from late March/early April through November.  We bag as necessary, such as where swimming pools are present and where mulch beds are too close together for the mower to pass through.  For an additional charge, we can bag the entire lawn on every visit (or on a specific visit) upon a client’s request.




Edging is performed with the string trimmer upside down around mulch beds or along hardscaping surfaces.  Mechanical edging along sidewalks and curbs is done biweekly.  Weekly mechanical edging is also available upon a client’s request.


String trimming


String trimming will be performed every visit in areas where the mower cannot fit, such as hard corners and fence/mailbox posts, and in areas where the ground is too wet for a machine to operate.




Weeding is done on an as-needed basis, at least monthly.  All landscape beds and hardscapes will be treated with a herbicide or have weeds hand pulled as necessary.  If plants are too close for herbicide application, the weeds will be hand pulled.