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Turf  Care

Great Escapes’ turf care consists of 5 turf applications timed throughout the year as follows:


• 1st round:  Early Spring -apply pre-emergent control/fertilizer and spot treat for broadleaf weeds

• 2nd round:  Mid Spring- apply pre-emergent control/fertilizer and spot treat for broadleaf weeds

• 3rd round: Early Summer- apply fertilizer with iron and spot treat for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds

• 4th round:  Late Summer/Early Fall- apply fall fertilizer to help the turf recover from summer heat/stress

• 5th round:  Late Fall/Early Winter- apply winter fertilizer to prepare the turf for spring


Also available upon request is an early summer application of preventative grub and insect control.  During this application Great Escapes will also spray roses and susceptible ornamental trees for Japanese beetles.


Great Escapes can also provide a soil analysis test in order to better treat the turf.  The soil test will determine what further steps are necessary to maintain optimal soil nutrient levels.  After analyzing the nutrient levels we can apply the proper amount of lime or gypsum that may be needed to create a balanced soil level ideal for turf grass.


In the fall, Great Escapes provides core aeration and overseeding.  Properties will be core aerated for a total of two passes to maximize the number of core plugs to promote the germination of the new seeds.  For the clay soil in the Northern Virginia area, core aeration is recommended at least every other year if not every year.  Core aeration is not meant to establish a new lawn, but to revive and thicken the lawn.


Topdressing is utilized to increase the seed germination rate and, as the compost breaks down, it returns organic nutrients back to the soil.  Topdressing applies approximately 1/4” of compost to specific areas of the lawn as requested by the client, ranging from the entire property to only bare or thin areas, as needed.


Great Escapes provides sod installation nearly all year around as weather permits and as watering capabilities exist.  Sod installation is a great way to get a head start on establishing a great lawn.